Buddhist Chaplain:  U Zor Hane
Tradition: Theravada
email: zor.hane09@gmail.com
Web Established: September 2007
Write: PO Box 355, CANNINGTON WA 6987
Not to do any evil,
to cultivate good,
to purify one's mind,
This is the teaching of the Buddhas.
Dhammapada 183
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Buddhist Chaplaincy Service - Online

The Buddhist Chaplaincy Service was first started at Edith Cowan
University in Perth, Western Australia. Zor was the Buddhist chaplain
there and has since retired form ECU after given eight years of his
voluntary services conducting meditations sessions and talks.

The Multifaith Chaplaincy Service (MFC) at Edith Cowan University (ECU)
was established in 2006 with visiting chaplains from many faiths
participating in the program. The Visiting Chaplains were made up of very
compassionate and dedicated people such as Rev Dr David Wood from
the Anglican faith, Dr Toby Metcalfe from the Baptist faith, Mr Rajah
Senathirajah from the Hindu faith, Rabbi David Freilich from the Jewish
faith, Sheikh Muhammad Agherdien from the Muslim faith, Dr Sahba
Habibi from the Baha'i faith and Mr Zor Hane from the Buddhist faith
representing the Buddhist Meditation Society. Rev Fr Kenneth Asaba has
joined the MFC team in 2007, representing the Catholic faith.

The service is free, confidential and is available to the ECU community for
members of all faiths. ECU is a dynamic and diverse multicultural
community valuing the richness of the various faith traditions.   The MFC
Service helps build an inclusive community by respecting and valuing
each other’s religious and cultural traditions.

The primary purposes of the MFC are welcoming diversity and promoting
understanding of the variety of faith traditions, providing opportunities to
live and share one’s faith, offering advice, encouragement, support and
assistance at times of celebration, transition and mourning, offering a
network of contacts, referring people to those with particular skills in
counselling or spiritual direction, and nurturing and developing a sense of
community within the university.
Tuesday nights meditation sessions have been
temporarily shut down until the end of March due to
the spread of the Corona virus.

Every Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm at Room 1.238, Building 1
Edith Cowan Uni - Joondalup Campus. Open to general public.

Conducted by the
Buddhist Meditation Society - Joondalup.
Students, Staff and Public all welcome!
Direction for Tuesdays Meditation Sessions:
Coming from Kendrew Cr, turn into Edith Cowan University. Look for the building with tall
spikes on it. There are signs pointing to the meditation venue. Car park is free after 6pm.
Free parking also on Kendrew Cr after 5pm. Secure parking with ECU security on patrol.
New Talk!
"Lose Weight Buddhist Way"

Please also visit www.buddhistmeditationsociety.com for more talks.
Buddhist Chaplaincy Service
Perth, Western Australia
For all Schools, Colleges, Universities and Public around the World.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to Everyone near and far!
Another year is about to pass and 2020 is only few hours away.

There will certainly be many resolutions for the New Year. We do these resolutions so that we
would be happy, healthy and successful in the coming year.

For those who are following the Buddhist path, it is wise to do good things to have good
returns, and avoid doing bad things to prevent from suffering. Therefore, we create good
Kammas  (doing things intentionally) to have good results in 2020.

We commit our first Kamma with our body by doing kind, gentle and helpful acts towards
others. We do not kill, steal, take non medicinal drugs and intoxicants. We do not commit
sexual misconducts.

We commit our second Kamma with our speech. We speak good words truthfully with good
intentions, politeness and kindness. Speech that is soothing, good to hear with pleasant
tones (piya vaca) to get good results. We do not speak harsh, malicious, hateful, slanderous
and speech that would break friendships apart. We do not say untruthful speech.

We commit our Third Kamma with our minds by not harbouring hatred, envy, jealously, ill-will,
aversion, anger and unwholesome thoughts towards others. We keep our minds pure with
loving-kindness thoughts and good will towards others.

If we carry these three tasks mindfully in 2020, our lives will be happy and peaceful.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!


Keeping The Mind Good!
Keeping the mind good is essential for happiness and peacefulness in life. A mind that is good leads to good speech and good actions,
which are the causes and conditions for happiness and welfare for oneself and for others.

How do we keep the mind good and peaceful?
Close your eyes and breathe in quietly and breathe out quietly for a few moments. Reduce the tensions on your face. Watch the
tensions reducing on your face.

Then breathe in Calmness and breathe out Calmness. Take 5 deep breathe from your chest filling the lungs. Then breathe in
Loving-Kindness towards yourself and breathe out Loving-Kindness towards others. Towards the people, trees, birds, other animals
and all living beings. Then breathe in Happiness and breathe out Happiness. Take 5 deep breaths filling the lungs. Open your eyes
slowly with a happy smile and feel the heart getting lighter and peaceful.

"Buddha's Words on Loving Kindness"
Please refer to the Chanting section.

New Words Of Buddha!
"Selfish Love Is The Cause Of All Our Problems!"
Please refer to the Words of Buddha section.

New Meditation!
"40 Minutes Guided Meditation"
Please refer to the Meditation & Talks section.

Hatred Never Cease Through Hatred!
Hatred never cease through hatred in this world;
Through love alone they cease.
This is an eternal law.
~ dh 5 (The Dhammapada)

Amongst The Hateful Be Without Hate!
Happily do we live
without hate amongst the hateful;
amidst hateful people
we dwell unhating.
Dhammapada 197