Meditation sessions are designed for students and staff, to cope and overcome difficulties in
life by calming the mind down with concentration, and understanding life (as it is) by
developing wisdom through these meditation experiences. Understanding life through
investigations or by asking questions - any questions. No stone unturned. Everything in life.
These sessions offer peaceful and happy way of living and the techniques that goes with it.
These sessions are provided free on voluntary basis and everyone can join in regardless of
race, religions or gender.

Who needs meditation on the campus? Well, everyone who is still breathing and who is
looking for  deeper answers in life. And who wants to be happy of course. These sessions
are for students and staff to find out from their experiences. See whether it really works or
not, through their own experiences. Not others. One obviously cannot borrow and breathe
with other people's noses. One has to use one's own nose to breathe in meditation. That
means one has to find out the Dhamma with one's own experience with right understanding,
right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration.

Please come along to enjoy these meditation sessions and talks.
Meditation sessions are aimed at providing services to the
students and staff at ECU. In a very demanding and busy life on
the campus, meditation can relieve stress and trauma
associated with every day life. Giving the mind a peaceful rest,
even for a moment, can have a great benefit for every student
and staff.  Out of all the everyday doings on the campus, the
mind is the one that is racing fast, and acting and reacting to the
situations in the best possible way it can handle. When the mind
is not rested properly, it becomes very tired and stressed. And
when the mind is stressed and tired, it cannot cope with
situations very well any more. Impatience, short temper,
disappointments and hatred started appearing in the mind. It is
not a happy mind anymore. Then, mistakes are made, problems
rushed in and the mind is at a mess. The mind is lost in miseries
and at dis-ease. Pain, sorrow, and grief follow as a result. That
is suffering. In these unsettled situations, students and staff can
turn to these meditation sessions as an oasis for their troubled
minds, and to relieve their pain and suffering.
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Perth, Western Australi
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